The deadline to file a Proof of Claim and to cure a deficiency has passed.
If you have questions about a previously filed claim, please contact us.

Important Notice Regarding Payments Relating
to Lender-Placed Insurance Policies

American Modern Insurance Group, Inc. (“AMIG”) and its related companies conducted a review of their lender-placed insurance policies at the request of state insurance regulators. AMIG reviewed policies and the transactions issued under these policies that became effective between January 1, 2009 and March 31, 2013. Where appropriate, AMIG has agreed to provide certain borrowers with an opportunity to submit a claim for payment up to their Estimated Maximum Benefit amount. The Estimated Maximum Benefit is the most you would be eligible to receive after you file a claim and no other claim or information was submitted on the Certificate(s). The Estimated Maximum Benefit does not include interest that would be payable on any claim or portion of the claim that may be approved.

Lender-placed insurance is insurance taken out by a bank, lender or mortgage servicer when the insurance required by the terms of the loan is not maintained. This can occur if the borrower’s insurance policy lapses or if the bank, lender or mortgage servicer determines that there is not a sufficient amount of coverage.

Eligibility Requirements to Participate
in the AMIG Claims Administration

To participate in the AMIG claims administration, you must have had property that was covered by a Certificate issued under a lender-placed insurance policy issued by AMIG* during the period between January 1, 2009 and March 31, 2013.

You may be eligible even though you did not pay AMIG any premium directly for the lender-placed insurance, but your lender or loan servicer may have deducted the charges for these premiums or taken other action to collect these amounts from you.

*The insurance policy that was issued by AMIG could have been issued by any of the following AMIG entities: 1) American Modern Home Insurance Company (in CA d/b/a American Modern Insurance Company); 2) American Modern Select Insurance Company; 3) American Family Home Insurance Company (in CA d/b/a AFH Insurance Company); 4) American Southern Home Insurance Company; or 5) American Western Home Insurance Company.